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Rules of the game

Each player must not register more than one account.

You can play alone or in a team. If you take part as a team, please share one account.

You may use any legal means you consider necessary to solve the challenges. Especially we allow that the software, which can be downloaded from the "challenge" section, may be analyzed by you in any chosen manner.

Explicitly forbidden are any attacks on the infrastructure hosting the competition (i.e. this web portal and its components under the domain radioactivity-ctf.de).

In case of any trials for interrupting the CTF, or any unethical behavior, the organizer has the permission to disqualify players or teams.

Note that unethical behavior also includes sharing or publishing of any solutions or concrete solution strategies or tools (written or unwritten) before the end of the competition. Respective players will not eligible for any prizes. After the end of the competition, sharing your solutions is explicitly allowed.

The best 10 teams can win prizes which are vouchers up to a value of 100 Euros.

As a condition for this, we reserve the right to request a short (written) summary of your solution for the individual challenges in order to exclude cheating.

Further information can be found in the detailed terms of participation.


Many thanks go to the contributors to the realization of this competition - especially to our student teams from the software project 2018/19 at the Leibniz University Hannover.

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