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The story and what you need to know

The story

The used car you recently bought only came with the cheapest edition of the radio - but you managed to buy the fully-blown infotainment system at an internet auction. 😎

After mounting the device in your car you sadly notice that all of its functions are only working in a heavily restricted mode. 😐
From the manufacturer web page you download the most recent software for the device and install it through an USB stick. However, the effect stays the same. 😒
Bugged out by this experience, you scrape together your last bucks, take your car and drive to the next authorized repair shop.

There you hear some frustrating news: The component supplier, who also supported these devices on behalf of vehicle manufacturer, had to file for bunkruptcy recently. 😲
The devices of most customers still work as intended, as long as they remain in their previous car. But once removed from it, a device cannot be unlocked any more in other cars, since the subcontractor has shut down its after-sales service. 😖

As a goodwill gesture, the vehicle OEM offers an exchange with a comparable infotainment system of another component supplier to all affected customers in such cases. 😃Shocked you have to hear, that you are denied this offer, since you don't have access to the original invoice for the device. 😭

Back home you decide to tackle this problem on your own.
As you have a closer look on the software package you recently downloaded, you notice that it represents a compressed archive. Inside, you make some interesting finds like software modules for the single functionalitites of your infotainment system. Obviously, they have been developed and compiled in Java. Mentally, you already gather the remains of your Java skills from your computer science studies and decide to have a closer look on this stuff...

The challenge:

Try to unlock prerably all restricted functionalities of your infotainment systems on your own.

First, get the downloaded infotainment software to run on an own system. Then find and analyze the algorithms deciding about unlocking of the restricted functionalities. Sometimes, there's possibly an obvious solution, in most cases you surely will have to puzzle over it for a while. And who knows, now and then an implementation fault of the device manufacturer might play into your hands - if you manage to spot it.

Here we go:

We're glad if you accept the challenge. We provide the playground, you need some skills and creativity.
Try it out and let's see how far you will get!

Good luck!

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